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Thread: Will ebay SCREW paypal one day?

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    Default Will ebay SCREW paypal one day?

    As many of us knows, ebay (finally) kicked out paypal, which is now a separate "company". Why ebay does not introduce is OWN payment method and get rid of paypal? We all know that paypal exist because was IMPOSED by ebay. If ebay will introduce his own payment method paypal will self extinguish in couple of years. Why don't they do that? Perhaps ebay is too much retarded? They don't have the knowledge (or the money, or both) to do that? paypal should be destroyed, nobody should use it THEY SHOULD ALL GO OUT OF BUSINESS, starting from elon musk.

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    PayPal is the most awful when you are the vender ....and more than likely you will get screwed ..he could send you back a case of rocks, and he would in any case get a refund....don't misunderstand me, I utilize them since they are simplest way, yet they are not in favor of the merchants

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    HA you really think anything's changed. The only reason why they went separate if from all the law suits paypal gets themselves into. 2 or 3 times a year! PayPal pulls the same crap day in and day out.

    We have 3 PayPal accounts which none of them can be traced back to the other. In under 3 weeks, all 3 accounts got the 21 day hold, for 3 different reasons. They are doing this to all merchants, regardless of the number of disputes.

    The facts are that PayPal encourages buyers to file disputes so PayPal can steal a sellers money. Call those morons at PayPal wait about 2 minutes, and see how many times you hear PayPal tell the buyer to file disputes, its every 2 minutes. Then with the crap they allow buyer's to get away with buyer's deliberately file disputes to say the most BS of things. And you the seller gets hit by PayPal. PayPal needs to be sued again and this time dont settle.


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