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Thread: Account closed after reporting phishing email

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    Default Account closed after reporting phishing email

    Hi "Paypal issue" is simple.
    I reported a phishing email to them, thinking that this will help them and the Paypal customers as myself. Next day I was asked to re-verify my account (uploading documents, bank statements, answering questions etc).
    I've done whatever they needed me to do, however after another day they decided to close my account and hold my funds for 10 days. All my questions about their decision received the same ludicrous answer: "possible fraudulent or high risk behavior" and "suspicious account activity", with Paypal not being able to explain this. Obviously, because that's not the case.
    In other words, Paypal punished the victim, which happened to be me.
    Do not report phishing sites to Paypal!

    In fact, never-ever contact them if you don't have to. Just fly below the radar and slowly move your business to other services, there are plenty.
    My Case ID Number: PP-004-556-491-584

    This is what I think about Paypal now (not that I was ever to impressed)
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    Default Choice Merchant Solutions

    I can assist in having you accept payments. contact if need be.


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