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Thread: new pp card at CVS

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    Default new pp card at CVS

    I've never used PayPal but I need a way to buy online without putting my debit card online. I am thinking about buying a loadable PayPal card at CVS store. The card is $3.95 plus $4.95 monthly fee. After reading some of your posts I'm almost afraid to...has anyone ever used a reloadable PayPal card on eBay? Any advice would really help me decide what to do..thanks guys

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    Don't buy it. I'm pretty sure you will find MUCH better alternatives. paypal doesn't sell credit cards directly, because it's not (and never will be) a true bank. paypal simply makes partnerships with other companies (usually unreliable as paypal itself and semi-unknown) able to sell credit cards and puts his awful logo on the cards. But since the credit card is officially a "paypal card" you have to agree with THEIR rules and policies. So having a paypal card will NOT give you ANY advantage, plus it's much easier for paypal to track and control you.
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    Useful information. Thank you so much for sharing.


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