So about a year ago, I decided to try my hand at trading in bitcoins. I was doing pretty alright, with an investment of a few hundred quid, I had made 20 in about two weeks. Each time, me and the other person would exchange ID to make sure we both were 'real' and everything. Then one day, I notice there is a chargeback. of around 250, so I contact paypal, tell them its fraudulent, they then inform me that in fact, the person on the other end was a hacker, who had gotten someones paypal acc and ID. Another trade of 200 went the same way.

Then i see on the internet 'paypal warns all its customers to change their passwords due to a large hack'.

So, seems I am financially responsible for paypal getting hacked due to bitcoins being an 'intangible good', which is somehow more intangible than the 1's and 0's we call pounds.

I've had it out with customer service managers on the phone, to such an extent that one even uttered the phrase 'well it isnt our fault you traded with an account that had been hacked'

Is there anything I can do?