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Thread: $6,600 Dispute closed by Paypal. No refund Possible??

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    Thumbs down $6,600 Dispute closed by Paypal. No refund Possible??

    I am in the shoe business (rare shoes like yeezys) and I recently transfered $6,600 from my bank to paypal.

    I paid a guy for an add to cart service so that I was guaranteed the pairs of shoes. Low and behold shortly after I moved that large sum of money into my account and paid the invoice, my account was permanently banned and all funds on hold for 180 days, as well as the guy I paid. Both of our accounts are currently banned.

    It turned out the guy I paid to get the rare collectible shoes I was supposed to make money off of couldn't come through with his services at all and therefore I was in need of a refund. The guy I paid told me he couldn't access his account at all (locked out of his account??) and therefore COULD NOT refund me.

    I opened a dispute with paypal assuming I had buyer protection. The dispute carried on for 10 days. Keep in mind that the other guy DID NOT fight the case at all (he WANTS to refund me but simply CAN'T for 180 days). He gave no tracking number and gave no comments to the case, so that meant I was pretty much guaranteed the refund because he did not fight the case at all. I should of won the dispute and the $6,600 invoice should of been refunded, but i called paypal earlier that day and tried to accelerate the case (I grew tired of waiting). The manager lady told me some bull sh*t that still gets me: She said that because I was banned I DID NOT qualify for buyer protection and Paypal no longer "offered" me their services. She closed the dispute and therefore my money was unprotected and frozen in the other guys account for 180 days AFTER THE FACT I PAID A $6,600 INVOICE AND NEEDED A REFUND.

    How is it fair that they closed my dispute and made it impossible for the other guy to refund me my money? And how do I not qualify for buyer protection when I paid the invoice BEFORE I got banned. I have talked to the other guy and he told me he would be willing to send the money back to me in 180 days but I simply CANNOT chance that. I can't trust it. Now that i have no buyer protection I'm pretty much out of $6,600 unless I can get paypal to refund me the money.

    As it stands now. My account is banned, but I can still login and see my balance, send refunds, etc. The other guy CLAIMS that he cannot even login to his account, therefore he could not send a refund which is why I had to open a dispute. They closed my dispute because I no longer had buyer protection. My only hope is to file a lawsuit or wait 6 months and hope this guy is telling the truth and will refund me. Because of what Paypal did they basically trapped me into losing this money.


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    Default paypal banning

    maybe, I suppose is because of the reasons behind you being banned

    could you enlighten us with those details so we can, maybe figure out what happened


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