My horror story with PayPal was as a result of getting a former employee to set up the PayPal account back in 2012. He moved on, but his personal details were held as contact (which we didn't notice as all emails, etc. came to the company email). Then apparently there was suspicious activity on the account and we had to go through the security checks. But as the contact for the account was in an ex-employee name PayPal refused to accept my details despite the fact I could prove the company was mine, the company bank account was mine, etc. I managed to make contact with my ex-employee but the information he provided was rejected by PayPal.

Above all else what really annoyed me was they kept over 1,100 of my money as I was denied access to the account and ignored 47 emails sent to them, and 2 letters. I have had to write this money off. PayPal customer service is absolutely appalling. My advice to anyone dealing with PayPal is:
1. DON'T - unless you really have to and explore all other options. PayPal are appalling and its not worth the risk of dealing with them as they act in a random and unhelpful way, and have no easy way for people to communicate with them. They hide behind automation!
2. If you have no real choice then ensure you set the security details with your name, not an employee - or if you do then ensure all the details are held somewhere secure for future reference.
3. Keep the security details up to date, including phone numbers. If not and you get blocked out you can kiss goodbye to your money unless you go down the litigation route.

PayPal customer service is non-existent. Their main focus it seems, is ripping people off. I have now removed PayPal as a payment option from all my websites - we were doing around 6K per month with them until we ran into problems so it could have been a whole lot worse had I not pulled the plug on them as soon as it became apparent they were probably not going to respond to my emails. We were considering removing them as a payment option in the weeks leading up to the account blocking as despite our excellent track record (no customer charge backs or issues) they had started restricting access to our money for up to 2 weeks or more.