I'm new here and I'll try to keep this as short as possible- I signed up for a service (forum) last year and opted for annual since I didn't want recurring monthly payments and assumed that annual wasn't recurring and I'd be notified when my subscription came due.

Well, it turned out the be a joke and I visited twice and forgot about it- until a few days ago, when I got the nasty surprise of a hundred dollar charge. Contacted the biz IMMEDIATELY on getting the PP charge notification to request a refund, telling them I'd closed my business (the only reason I joined in the first place!) and they rudely said no way.

So I opened a claim with PP and the biz is fighting it and I'm stuck in limbo now. The charge would go through my bank but since it's disputed it won't be taken until it's resolved, I guess. My bank has offered to let me put a permanent stop payment from PayPal (which sounds AWESOME).

I have an AmEx card for backup. I'm assuming if I do the stop payment with my bank, it will roll over to the AmEx, right? I've always been happy with AmEx resolving issues for me.

My question is, can PayPal come after me in some other way if I do this (assuming I'll lose the claim- I have a perfect 0% record with PP claims as vendor and buyer both)? I absolutely refuse to pay for a service I have not and will not use. Should I just deal with the bank directly once the claim is denied? Ugh this SUCKS. Thanks for listening!