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    Hello new here and have a question about my account. Paypal last month asked me to provide my SS # cause i was near the 200/$20,000 with the money side i'm not but right at 157 payments received. i have no issues entering my SS# and whatnot but i'm afraid i may have done this to other accounts in the past and don't want it causing it to close this one. (noway remembering). Was told that the at the beginning of the year it resets back to zero but wasn't sure if that was true or not. Also thought about bumping up to a business account but it says i have limitations but cant find what they are unless its the ss# issue. Anyone know what I should or can do? will the account reset cause of a new calendar year ? thanks for all the help in advance.

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    Default limitations

    I would provide the ss number and then upgrade to the business account

    1 January is the start of a new year, if you did over $20,000.00 in 2015 you will most likely get a 1099 for when filing your taxes

    you do know that you are supposed to be paying taxes also with sales under the $20,000.00 mark

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    Don't provide your ss# to pay pal they will take it and use it against you.They will provide it to Paypal if you have any disputes or owe them anything.Its stupid to help someone else hurt you.I guess I will just deal with a limited account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by premieritzone View Post
    what is the SS, i'm new user of paypal, dont know about ss
    social security number. Might be something different outside the U.S.

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    If you already added your SSN on another account. Adding it on this one will just get it linked and closed.

    Your best option would be to open up an LLC or corporation and then get an EIN for it to use to satisfy the IRS requirements.

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    What about the security of a PayPal account? Is it compulsory to have a PayPal account for a business?
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    Default Social Security Question

    i need to change the social security address since i have enough credits for getting social security.can anyone tell me how to do it?i tried calling up but got automated msg that they do not mantain any addresses and to inform irs by filling some form.anyone who has done it before kindly help.


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