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Thread: Logged out from my account

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    Angry Logged out from my account

    Hi all,

    I am not getting access to my PayPal account. I tried to log in in December, when PayPal was experiencing trouble with there servers. I didn't know that and clicked on "forgot password". The email with the verification code was sent to me approx. 20 mins after my log in attempt and wasn't valid any more.
    I tried another day, same story. On my third attempt the verification code worked however, I was asked my security questions, answered them correctly but was still rejected. Until now, I have no access of whatsoever!

    Would anybody know how I can contact these feckers? To email them, I have to be logged in. There is no help chat and ringing is not an option because I am longterm travelling at present...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default contacting paypal

    use a phone and call paypal

    I travel all over and if I need to call Paypal I call them


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