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Thread: Confused on how PayPal works with checking accounts

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    Question Confused on how PayPal works with checking accounts

    I want to make a large purchase online for a designer jacket that will cost over 5,000. I want to have some of the funds come out of my checking account (which I have linked and verified with PayPal) and the remainder come from my back up source credit card (which has also been linked with my paypal account).

    After reading the threads, will PayPal just debit the entire amount from my bank account, even if it has NSF, and thus I'm charged for the fees from my bank? Would they even let the sale go through?

    I am confused as to how they work with bank accounts that are linked because, judging by the threads, it is as if they don't even check to see if there are sufficient funds in the bank account after a purchase, and then they just charge it afterwards which can result in nsf fees if there are not enough funds in that account. Am I correct? It seems risky on paypals end if they are essentially fronting the money to the merchant emmediately without verifying if there are funds in the bank account for when they go to withdrawal it in 24 to 48 hours.

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    PP takes the money from your account then pays it out, if you lack the funds the transaction will fail.

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