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Thread: Paypal NEVER send me e-mail and quickly closed my case

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    Default Paypal NEVER send me e-mail and quickly closed my case

    I bought some Boxer shorts on E-Bay in November , and did the payment with PayPal.
    I thought PayPal would keep their promise according to PayPal’s Buyer protections.
    I did not got the boxer short that was shown at E-bay, but only real rubbish.

    I complained to Paypal . A case was started, and 1 week after I escalated the case.

    After that , - week’s wen, - and I did not have any reply from PayPal, - no email and no answers in my message center inbox either.

    After 3 weeks I send a message from the message center to Paypal, and again no –e-mail was received as responds..

    After about 4 weeks (23 December) I called Paypal, and was treated really bad and (arrogant and humiliating) by the PayPal support.

    The day I called Paypal (23 December) I also checked my Paypal Message-center and saw for first time an email dated 16 December.

    In the email I was accused for having received and ignored emails from PayPal dated 25-november-2015 + 28-november-2015 + 2-december-2015

    I tried to explain PayPal that I really did notreceive any e-mails or other replies reply at all from them, and that I have no reason to deny if such really should be the case..

    PayPal claimed that it was my responsibility to receive email from them, - but this is an idiotic statement..

    There are several possible reasons to I did not receive any message from PayPal … ..

    1. Errors at PayPal’s own intern IT system
    2. Errors at PayPal’s internet provider.
    3. Errors at my internet provider.
    4. It could be a lie that messages at all were send to me..

    PayPal also claimed that messages were send to my message center.
    I asked PayPal many time, how this could be possible since no such incoming messages was in my “inbox” before the 16 of December.

    But I did not got any reply from the PayPal support, only bla bla bla and the phone was hanged up.
    I most of all think that PayPal did nothing , but only lied that e-mail was send, so that so that the case so fast as possible could be closed..

    How can I sue such BASTARDS.. I am from Denmark..

    PLEASE help. I want to start a small case in court, but Where, - In Ireland or in Denmark ?+

    Have someone experiences the exact same

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    Look dude, I'm a previous employee, I'm not here to berate or amuse you. paypal has a team of lawyers on a constant payroll. check the user agreement for the buyers protection. but if the ad said "batman boxers" and they said batman and had shitstains on them, they sold you what they said they would. It's SIGNIFICANTLY not as described. as in the difference between an iphone and an android. not to accuse you, just to clarify that for the emails, you didn't mention if you checked your junk mail.


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