I bought some Boxer shorts on E-Bay in November , and did the payment with PayPal.
I thought PayPal would keep their promise according to PayPal’s Buyer protections.
I did not got the boxer short that was shown at E-bay, but only real rubbish.

I complained to Paypal . A case was started, and 1 week after I escalated the case.

After that , - week’s wen, - and I did not have any reply from PayPal, - no email and no answers in my message center inbox either.

After 3 weeks I send a message from the message center to Paypal, and again no –e-mail was received as responds..

After about 4 weeks (23 December) I called Paypal, and was treated really bad and (arrogant and humiliating) by the PayPal support.

The day I called Paypal (23 December) I also checked my Paypal Message-center and saw for first time an email dated 16 December.

In the email I was accused for having received and ignored emails from PayPal dated 25-november-2015 + 28-november-2015 + 2-december-2015

I tried to explain PayPal that I really did notreceive any e-mails or other replies reply at all from them, and that I have no reason to deny if such really should be the case..

PayPal claimed that it was my responsibility to receive email from them, - but this is an idiotic statement..

There are several possible reasons to I did not receive any message from PayPal … ..

1. Errors at PayPal’s own intern IT system
2. Errors at PayPal’s internet provider.
3. Errors at my internet provider.
4. It could be a lie that messages at all were send to me..

PayPal also claimed that messages were send to my message center.
I asked PayPal many time, how this could be possible since no such incoming messages was in my “inbox” before the 16 of December.

But I did not got any reply from the PayPal support, only bla bla bla and the phone was hanged up.
I most of all think that PayPal did nothing , but only lied that e-mail was send, so that so that the case so fast as possible could be closed..

How can I sue such BASTARDS.. I am from Denmark..

PLEASE help. I want to start a small case in court, but Where, - In Ireland or in Denmark ?+

Have someone experiences the exact same