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Thread: Help remove ebay's Knockoff items during Christmas

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    Default Help remove ebay's Knockoff items during Christmas

    Hello, I need a few people to help me report (and hopefully remove) counterfeit and bootleg toys that are listed on ebay to make this Christmas a safer one for Children.

    My guess is that an item needs to be reported by X number of individual members before their staff will see it. I reported 2000 KOs and most of them are still active.

    I made a system to assist us. If you know how to install a Firefox script then you can use my system to report all of the knockoffs and cheap unsafe toys I've found so far.

    It's basically a "Click Assistant". You activate the script, login at my site and go to the Send page (where there is a list of KO items to be reported). Click the Start button and let the script do everything for you. It will open ebay, click the report item link, fill in the fields and submit the report, automatically close and repeat for the next one on the list.

    Hopefully I can find at least 5-10 people to run the script.

    Thanks for your time in reading this and if you run the script, thanks in advance.


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    Default I Can

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