The above was stated by Ryan from customer services when I complained about Paypal refunding a bogus buyer. Classic!

I sold some artwork recently on ebay and the seller started trying to renegotiate a price AFTER selling. Eventually I got him to pay (ironically by complaining to ebay) and he provided details of where to send it.

I posted the next day and got proof of postage.

A week later, the buyer (who in the meantime has received numerous negatives) announced he never received the item and that his address details he provided was wrong -that's his mum's address. I refuse on the grounds that it's nonsense.

He complains to paypal and get's a full refund AND is currently selling my item on ebay which he has for free.

Despite this, I have since had my complaint closed by Paypal after William (team leader) phoned back, talked over me and ended by saying "it won't be escalated, complain if you want, I dare you".

So nice to meet everyone on here...I'm up for getting the word out on these guys as much as possible. Never known a company so geared to fraud. I'm struggling to not buy my items back...then file a fraudulent claim to even things out!