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Thread: "You were suckered but I promise you won't see your money"

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    Default "You were suckered but I promise you won't see your money"

    The above was stated by Ryan from customer services when I complained about Paypal refunding a bogus buyer. Classic!

    I sold some artwork recently on ebay and the seller started trying to renegotiate a price AFTER selling. Eventually I got him to pay (ironically by complaining to ebay) and he provided details of where to send it.

    I posted the next day and got proof of postage.

    A week later, the buyer (who in the meantime has received numerous negatives) announced he never received the item and that his address details he provided was wrong -that's his mum's address. I refuse on the grounds that it's nonsense.

    He complains to paypal and get's a full refund AND is currently selling my item on ebay which he has for free.

    Despite this, I have since had my complaint closed by Paypal after William (team leader) phoned back, talked over me and ended by saying "it won't be escalated, complain if you want, I dare you".

    So nice to meet everyone on here...I'm up for getting the word out on these guys as much as possible. Never known a company so geared to fraud. I'm struggling to not buy my items back...then file a fraudulent claim to even things out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercs View Post
    I'm struggling to not buy my items back...then file a fraudulent claim to even things out!
    I can't see why you don't do that.

    PayPal will never take any action that has them losing a fee, ever.

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    I had a situation where PayPal got the money back because I KNOW the customer withdrew the chargeback but PayPal STILL did not give me my money.

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    Wait a second guys. Now we all had problems like this with Ppal. They are a company wich means they need to make money but sometimes is our fault.
    Now Mercs....if you didint know when someone pay you on ebay or w/e thru Ppal...if you go to the transaction on your ppal account it will show you his adrees and it will tells you if it is "VERIFIED ADDRESSEE" . If you see that the buyer will never be able to chargeback on the reason of not received the item.
    So bassically never send on an adrees the buyer told you...if you respect this thing i told is impossible to get a problem like this.

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    Honestly, never believe any of this BS merchant companies are telling you. They are just trying to get your account make make money off you with bogous fees and do things that are 10x worse than what PayPal does. Dont believe what someone promises you on here. They are simply trying to prey on your misfortune.

    As far as the ahole from PayPal, record the conversation. And if anyone from PayPal does it again, say "hold on" and play the recording back to them. Who cares if they say its illegal, just do it! Then tell them your putting it on facebook, youtube etc. Its not your word vs them, its their word vs them. They try to blackmail you, so blackmail them. Even try to take it to their supervisor, but dont ask that person to transfer you, just hang up and get back to that department.

    As far as the buyer, there's a website called, place that person on that website and within days, it gets crawled all over the internet. So if anyone does a search for the guys name, address, email etc, a record of what he had done is found. Then go back to the buyer and tell them you will file fraud charges against them. At that point the buyer will just laugh in your face, so take screen shots of what he was selling on eBay, take your payment receipt you got for the item from the buyer with his address, get the dispute paperwork and tracking. Take all that information and tell him that his local police department was contacted and if your daring give him the number of his police department along with the name of the officer who took the report, to show you mean business. Then contact the local postal inspectors office and tell him what happened and ask the inspector if you could fax over the information. You have legal law officials and government agencies in that buyer's home town. See what happens.

    If you still dont get your money, send the bastard to a collection agency and get the debt placed on his credit report. Make sure you have all the supporting documentation to prove that he owes the debt.


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