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Thread: Sending money to friends from empty balance?

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    Question Sending money to friends from empty balance?


    I found no better section in the forum to ask.

    For the first time, I tried sending money to a friend using the Android smartphone application, but noticed that PayPal imposed a fee for the transaction to go through because 1) my PP balance is empty and 2) PP refuses to fetch the money from my bank directly for free and, instead, imposes using the bank card for a fee.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Why doesn't PayPal get the money through a free money transfer from my bank account, instead of going through MasterCard for a fee? At least where I live, money transfers are free between banks and PayPal, so why rely on third-parties and passing the corresponding fee?
    2. What's the point of linking a bank card to PayPal, anyway?
    3. What'll happen if I only keep the bank account connection while removing the bank card connection?
    4. Can I send money to a friend for free provided I manually move the money from my bank account to my PP account, so that the balance is not empty before proceeding with the PP-to-PP transfer?

    Thank you.


    Edit: I can confirm that, when the PayPal balance is empty and we wish to send money to a friend, PayPal doesn't give users the option of fetching money transparently and for free from the bank account that is linked to the PayPal account; Instead, it forces users to use the bank card linked to it (provided there is one, obviously) and imposes a transaction fee.

    As to why it doesn't simply fetch the money directly and for free from the bank account like it does when paying a vendor on the Internet is anybody's guess…
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