anyone know how to claim wrong charge by paypal ?

Since few months ago they have changed default charge from listed currency to conversion and I wasn't able to find how to set it to listed currency, so, each time I am changing currency when need to pay something for ebay.

Well, few days ago I've found bug on paypal site :
I've mistype password, site asked me to enter password again and ... I didn't has dialog to choose credit card and to change conversion option, so, they did conversion.

Beside, their conversion rate is shameless, this is also generating additional charge (this credit card don't have any charge in this currency, so, bank now will charge additional 25 US$ for a year).

I've opened case, of course, there is no option to put appropriate case, I've claimed unauthorized transaction (and this is unauthorized, I didn't authorized them to charge this currency, dialog was for US$) and some idiot just ignored this and close the case.

In long term, will stop using paypal and sadly ebay as well because of all of this but in this particular case beside this is not big amount I want them to revert this transaction and charge that in US$.