My Paypal account was permanently limited in 2011 for violating the acceptable use policy. The reasons behind this aren't important, but everything was perfectly legal. I fought a little but other than taking it to the BBB to get my funds released instead of held for 180 days, there hasn't been anything I could do to lift the ban.

So I gave up and haven't been able to sell anything on EBay since. Apparently there were some other payment options - Propay and Skrill - but were also just removed by Ebay, even though they idiotically still list them on the seller's page.

I would like to be able to sell my used items like I did in the past. Since 2011 I have used Craigslist for this. And while no fees, there are still items that it would be nice to list on EBay.

So apparently I can only do this with one of the three Payment Gateways, and no I don't have any existing merchant account of any type.

Which is the best, cheapest option for a handful of sales a year, or should I not even bother? I don't run a business in physical sales, just want to sell used items. Thanks for any help.