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    Default Chargeback

    Hi guys,

    Im sure this is nothing new but it is for me and im at a loss as to what to do next.

    I sold an Item on eBay (pair of trainer's) Brand spanking new in box. A Chinese bidder won the auction. I sent them, almost 3 months later he has chargedback the transaction via paypal. No word or warning on ebay nothing.

    He has claimed they are not new, Paypal ignored my side of the argument and the pictures of the item in brand new condition from my listing. And just sent me an automated response of about 20 words saying they have granted the buyer refund in exchange for the returned item. The buyer sends me back the trainer's completely worn and trashed. (hes had them for almost 3 months).

    I submit an appeal to the now closed case saying they are not as I sent them and are trashed as I knew they would be with him initiating the case and after him having them for 3 months.

    Paypal then asked me to submit a condition report from a dealer, which I had to fork out another tenner for. And they have again just denied my appeal, another automated response saying the condition report matches the buyer's original item not as described complaint. Not acknowledging a single word I have said or addressing any of my argument yet again.

    I can no longer appeal and I have a negative balance of more than what I originally received, (they haven't factored in the original 4% fee they took as well as the ebay 10%) just charged me what the buyer had to hand over before fees.

    So im also out of pocket for postage, the report, all ebay and paypal fees and a large amount of money for the item I can no longer sell.

    I need some serious help as I honestly feel a massive injustice has been done and I don't want to pay this balance. Im now getting regular phone calls to clear my balance and mention of bayliffs. The amount of negative balance is 230.

    What do you guys recommend, what do you do in these situations? what will happen if I cancel my card and change my paypal info so they cant contact me or take payment?

    Any help would be massively appreciated.


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    Default charge back

    I bought a hobby spray air gun for $150 but never received it, ebay weren't interested and paypal never refunded me, so I got in touch with the bank who immediately did a charge back. My money was back on my account in minutes. I paid by credit card and would never buy from ebay again via paypal. Use your credit card for all purchases as you have more rights. They also return your money if ebay dont go in your favour.

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    Default Challenge the chargeback with your bank

    If you Challenge the chargeback with your bank you will get a refund as the buyer will not have the evidence to counter challenge you.

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    Default ebay bailiffs

    ignore the threats of the bailiffs, they never follow them threw unless it's over 1,000 or $1200 , when they call tell them to send you the evidence that you owe them the money, they can't because the contract was between you and the seller not you and ebay or paypal


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