Please help, i live in usa, pa, pittsburgh. I have sold games, consoles and controllers on ebay for 9 months now. Recently i met a seller on ebay who sold 1 year xboxlive gold cards for 34.00 i bought these cards off of him and was reselling them for 47.99. I figured that i can just keep on doing this and make a huge profit ! They would buy it and i would email the codes, well i was wrong about 1-2 weeks later unauthorized charge-backs starting happening. At first it was 30 charge-backs and than eventually turned into 75, and than over 100. Some of the cases are under review still but right now my account is -7,890 dollars and shortly will keep on going negative at a time. There is absolutely no way i can pay this back. I dont even plan on selling anymore because of these, what happens if i dont pay this debt off? They have my ssn number and phone and bank. I dont understand how this is my fault and how paypal does not care to look into stolen cards. I have proof that i sent these codes through emails and i also have messages back and forth with me and the buyer and still this does not help. So what happens if i dont pay? Will they take me to court? Will they charge my bank?