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Thread: paypal ignores all evidence of a scam still rules in favor of scammer

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    Default paypal ignores all evidence of a scam still rules in favor of scammer

    Hi guys I'm new to this paypal thing been using it for 3months and got nailed by a scammer.
    Well I have a very rare collection of GI Joe figurines. Some are valued at $350 each. Very few under $100 but I had a total of 350 GI joes which I sold. On the fb group I sold the bulk of it. Everyone seemed to trust this guy so I had all shipped to him in one box + his 9 figures that he paid for. I had made a deal with him to trade 57 joes for an out of box uss flagg, rattler, terrordrome and rolling thunder. All 57 was put into a second box.
    With extra dinoriders. He received it even made a you tube video. Showing that nothing was damaged in the first box...wat was paid for the second box was damaged due to something being taken out and boxed retaped. I asked for it back so I could claim insurance but he said no he would like to keep them but we could restructure a deal. So we did leaving out the rolling thunder. In the mean time I was buying stuff on eBay and a seller refused to send to my country I asked him since he was shipping to me could I send wat I was buying to him. He said yes and 40 sealed spawn action figs, 2 motu castles and ring raiders went to him. Wen the spawn arrived the boxes were damaged he told me that I should claim my money back and he would hold off the seller by giving high shipping quotes. I was speaking to the seller but felt guilty abt logging a dispute. I told the guy no I would open them up anyway so it didn't have to be mint packages. He wasn't too happy saying he would keep 5. I waited almost a month and a half then I heard he's moving to Taiwan. I ended up in hospital due to an illness. He knew where I was and my mobile number yet he didn't tell the only 2 unsettled clients of mine where I was. This caused a witch hunt. Still not knowing this I sent him a msg to say I would return the following day. Which he read and didn't reply. Woke up the next morning with a dispute in my inbox from paypal saying the client says he didn't receive all the stuff and he couldn't get hold of me. The worst part is this guy has 5 Facebook accounts that posted on the group I scammed him and had screen shots between myself and him which we never had. So you can imagine how people went on. Only the people I had trusted I allowed to access the conversations in my Facebook and they took my side but one of the guys who was still waiting for his items had a deal going with the scammer that he would get some of my Joes for his assistance. So it escalated. Out of 23 transactions none was not delivered. The guy who helped the guy trying to scam me received his stuff. Tracking shows. He blocked me after admitting they were screwing me. paypal ruled in his favor for a refund despite all my evidence. I looked at the dispute comments the buyer only messaged 3 times to my 22. My phone calls weren't recorded. I opened an appeal and they said I could only do that once I received the items and it wasn't the same. I could already see by fedex's tracking that the item was too light. Mine had been x2 boxes at 3.6kg and 4.2kg. Informed paypal they brushed me off saying I should wait. I waited. Then a call came to me from fedex in a city 1400km away asked if they could deliver. I said for them to deliver on Monday as I was away the weekend. Next thing dispute was ruled the person got his refund and I couldn't reappeal. Now they ignore my msgs. I'd forgotten that he had told me once that he had an ex girlfriend working for fedex and she had updated the package as receiver unwilling to take parcel.

    PayPal ignored my theft charge against him and still ruled in his favor. The you tube video as well meant nothing. The conversations of them insulting me that I can do nothing about it and paypal are F*** ups meant nothing. So pretty much u can lie, cheat, racially slur and insult paypal and they will still back a criminal.
    The stuff got delivered today and it was as I suspected nothing like what I had sent.
    Not sure if I'm allowed to say who this person is or post pics but if I am I will do so.

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    Angry my charge back fraud story

    I sold 2800.00 worth of gold coins, got paid, I shipped, got great feed back, 31 days later buyer filed an unauthorized charge and the story is the same pay pal makes you jump through hoops, you prove fraud and they still take your money, I am out the 2800.00 plus the coins which of coarse are long gone total scam over 5000.00. I notified State Attorney General, Better business Bureau, Internet Crime Complaint division of the FBI, and the local sheriff of the address of the buyer. Of coarse the address was not existent make me wonder how pay pal controls who they deal with. My account is in negative balance and I informed them I had no intention of rolling over and just paying them. I guess I am in for a long fight, I hope a new class action suit gets started as they need to be stopped. the will not even divulge anything they have do to resolve the dispute problem and I doubt if they even do submit all the paperwork they request. Its typical big corp. sticking it to the little guy. Thanks for a great site at least there is power in numbers.


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