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Thread: Chargeback... left positive feedback, will I win?

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    Default Chargeback... left positive feedback, will I win?

    Got some loser trying to do a chargeback for "unauthorized purchase" from just over 6 months ago. He must have known that's when USPS decides not to keep the tracking information anymore-- and of course the tracking info is expired. Trying to get anyone at USPS to restore it is like trying to get reindeer to fly.

    But he did leave positive feedback, can I rely on that? I'm not sure what the course of action should be. I'm thinking of trying to contact him directly and telling him I will have him investigated for fraud by his bank, but not sure whether that's a good move. Any suggestions?

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    You've won a free membership into the 'Screwed By EBay and PayPal Club'. It's a lifetime membership and there are never any dues.

    In all seriousness, you can't do anything. EBay and PayPal are the same company. Once you're screwed by one, you're screwed by both.

    The wisest thing you can do now is report any Credit or Debit Card you ever gave PayPal as LOST. Close any Checking Account you ever gave PayPal immediately. Prevent PayPal from recovering money from you. PayPal will automatically remove funds from your checking account after a certain numbers of days of trying to get you to make good on the negative balance. If the checking account they have on file is CLOSED, they cannot recover money from you.

    PayPal participated in a fraud against you and you don't have to let them get away with it. PayPal will then restrict or close your account until they get their money. PayPal will never go against the actions of a CC company, ever. If they did, eventually the CC companies won't allow you to use your CC at PayPal, just as they don't allow you to fund your online Poker account with a CC. Resign yourself that you will never again use PayPal. Tell any Collection Agency that you have never owed this money and that if they continue to attempt to collect a debt you are not liable for, you will sue them. Debt Collectors have a legal obligation to provide you proof that you owe the debt they are wanting to collect. Unlike the local electric or water company, a collection agency cannot provide this proof as they bought your debt for far less than face value. To make a debt collector go away: Inform them that you do not now or have never owed the debt and that if they continue to attempt to collect a debt you are not responsible for, you will consider it harassment and you will sue THEM. They'll sell your debt to the next dumbass agency. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually your debt becomes unsellable.

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    I had a very similar situation happen to me. And to be blunt, the inconsistencies between the Paypal and eBay policies, should be enough to make Paypal drop this crap they're trying to pull on you.

    I sold something. The buyer pulled an unauthorized chargeback scam. The reason I say 'scam', is because besides the fact that the item was sold like in 2011 and the chargeback came like mid 2012, this buyer had left glowing positive feedback. His words said that he had actually received the item and that he would recommend me to all of his friends.

    There was much more to all of this that Paypal was too lazy to look in to. But my point is, that positive feedback is a requirement to remove 30 day holds. If it's that important for something like that, then it should hold just as much weight in a chargeback dispute. The person is admitting to buying, receiving and liking the merchandise. Period.

    I don't think you'll have much luck although this should be a no brainer. Paypal should just cover it and no one should be allowed to file a chargeback months later anyway. Especially after being on record as being pleased with the purchase.

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