sorry for my bad English! I repeat my question as it is not published!! the problem is that goods sold (total cost 1100$) the buyer received the package and now says that it is fake and does not match the description!! but of course the buyer is cheating! he wrote to me so I paid him so he did not open a dispute!! but I did and honestly not going to pay him! he just wants to scare me so I paid him!! I sold on ebay and used PayPal too about a year and I have a spotless reputation! by the way my PayPal is registered in Russia! while the buyer opened a dispute but I am sure he will do it soon! I deleted all accounts and cards from PayPal! and my question is while I have the opportunity to delete your PayPal account, is it worth doing and what will happen if my account is deleted already and the buyer opens a dispute? ask are answered quickly I don't know what to do I don't want to lose your PayPal and to pay the scammer buyer is not going!!!!