I just registered here to get help with what seems to be a common problem. I googled through numerous horror stories that all start as this one, so and I'm hoping to prevent my own before it happens.

I sold a brand new lens on eBay as the return period had passed from my original purchase. 2 weeks after the lens was delivered and the funds were transferred from my Paypal to my bank, the buyer claims there is a "particle of dust" on the lens (an actual quote), demanded a full refund, and threatened to call his lawyer (mind you, this is a $600 lens, not an original Picasso).

Dust is a classic excuse for buyer's remorse, or to set up the old 'get a refund and return a brick scam.' Either way, it is obvious I am about to get ripped off.

I have a week to decide to issue a refund. If I don't, then the buyer can open a claim, which I am sure to lose.

My Paypal balance is currently $0. My eBay balance consists of just the final value fees. Assuming eBay is going to side with the buyer as they always do, should I close my accounts now so funds cannot be automatically withdrawn? If not, any other advice?