forgive me for my bad English! I have PayPal and I used it without any problems and sold without problems! but with what happened to me is not a pleasant situation! the buyer bought my item and I sent him the track number and some time later he writes me that he received but damaged goods and he wants me to send him the payment! and if I do not then he will open the debate(the total amount of 1100$) !!!I'm sure he just wants to scare me so I paid him! but until he opened a dispute but I am sure soon he will do it since I'm not going to pay him!! I found on the forums that he is a bad buyer!! I removed the card and an invoice from PayPal! and now while you have the chance to close the account PayPal! whether to close the paypal account now? and what if the buyer opens a dispute but my account is already deleted?? please help I don't know what to do ??( my PayPal is registered in Russia), but 1 year I was selling and had no problems!!