Hi, here is the letter of complaint I have written to PayPal and ebay in relation to this issue. I would like some advice on this matter from users of this forum to hear what your opinions are , and if anyone has experienced this before .

Have a read, many thanks .

To whom it may concern, I wish to raise this complaint as a matter of urgency.
This is related to current cases and future cases on my account; in regard to the sale of Xbox live 12 months subscriptions on eBay.
On the 30th of June @ 3.10 am I received 5 sales on my eBay account and payment notifications for my newly listed product Xbox live 12 month subscriptions. Each sale was made by an eBay buyer **** and paid on PayPal by ***** instantly.
I found this sale to be suspicious.
Normally, a buyer would only order 1 X 12 month subscription per household.
Before I fulfilled the order, I decided to contact PayPal and eBay via telephone call @ approx. 8am Tuesday 30th June, to ensure there was nothing wrong with the **** account.
After discussing with both parties (eBay and PayPal) they reassured me at that time that they could not give any details on the account due to privacy issues. Nor could they take any action, as **** had not reported anything on both her PayPal and eBay accounts.
Even though I personally highlighted to them that these sales seemed peculiar and could be suspicious.
Nevertheless, eBay advised to contact **** to see if the purchase was genuine. I even requested a telephone number for the buyer, which I received, which turned out to be a dead line.

I then sent a message via eBay message to ****, to see if she had genuinely made this purchase.

**** replied with
Hello, yes all 5 codes were ordered by us. We have two for us and rest for family members to use.

I went ahead with the sale and delivered the digital item to **** via eBay messages. This is a digital item and I'm aware I'm not covered under your seller protection scheme.

Since this transaction I have had various other cases open on my account, in PayPal for the same product, most of which I have fulfilled apart from 10 to a buyer , whose sale I did not complete due to the fact that I new this to be suspicious. This fraudulent activity all stems from this buyer **** or whoever was in control of this eBay/PayPal count. I, as the seller made you aware of this in the first place and both eBay and PayPal refused to take any action. You were negligent and this matter should have been investigated. Subsequently, this has left me at a financial and emotional detriment. Other buyers are now filing claims related to fraudulent activity on their accounts.

I feel that I should be compensated due to the fact that I made you aware of the first order I had for Xbox live subscriptions, stating it could be deemed as suspicious. However, you wished to take no further action in investigating at that time. I believe it to be correct that all following pending and future cases in relation to the purchase of Xbox subscriptions from me as the seller on eBay /PayPal, are linked to this person or persons who had control of eBay account ****.
As of Thursday the 2nd July I have ceased selling digital items on eBay.
I am a genuine person trying to earn an honest living and have and have been subjected to fraudulent activity. I'm well aware of the criminal ramifications of this activity and I hope that these details can be handed over to the police and investigated further. Nevertheless, the fact that I made you aware of this situation and you did nothing is still outstanding.
I have retained all copies and correspondence of emails of digital Xbox codes sent to buyers on eBay, which have been delivered. I also wish to have access to the telephone calls under the freedom of information act, which I made to you at approx. 8am Tuesday the 30th of June.
If I do not receive an active response within 14 days about this matter in its entirety, I will be seeking the advice of a solicitor.

I presumed that both EBay and PayPal were secure, however my situation proves otherwise.

Yours Sincerely