I am lost. I have been scammed and I can't sleep or think about anything else.
Please bear with me. There may be a solution and I must have your help. You are the only ones that can help me!!

I sold an expensive headphones amp (1650$ worth) to a person named Bang Yan from Georgia.
I am a seller on Audiogon and I have 10 positive feedbacks without any negatives, And the buyer had no feedback.
He said he already had this device, And that he buys it for his friend (Already somewhat suspicious).

After he received the item he said that one connection was faulty and that it was about to "fell off" (Yes, He didn't say "fall off", Lousy English is a bad sign).
He asked if it may be the shipping, And I said that I didn't ship it this way for sure (And my feedback is the proof).

He opened a paypal case. I promised him to solve the problem and he closed it.
Now, I already asked him for the pictures of the "Damage", And he promised that his friend will send them. Well, I received nothing.
While waiting for the photos, And being ready to refund/solve the problem with the seller when I receive any proof which I clrearly requested-

He opened a chargeback through his CC company, AMEX.
Well, I immediately contacted him, And asked him about the pictures, Also offered him to send it free of charge for a repair even though he didn't send ANY pictures, And even to refund him if he sends the pictures! -But he said he won't speak to me (Not as politely I am afraid).
Of course paypal didn't help me and the CC ruled in his favor (How unexpected!)
I contacted Audiogon support, And they said it is definitely a fraud.
They said he even removed his credit card info from the site after the purchase, And also changed his name.

PayPal say they can't help me and that I should contact the buyer, AMEX don't care, And the buyer doesn't respond for weeks. He didn't even respond to Audiogon!
He even blocked me.
This man has ruined my life. I work very hard for my living and he has taken it all from me.

But you can help me!

I found Bang Yan's phone number. He blocked me, But I need as many people as possible to tell him to return the device back and contact me.
He received his money. Now he keeps the item that he never let me refund for because he didn't send any photos? It is just unheard of!

Please help me to make him contact me! Even Audiogon sees it as a fraud.
You can see my Audiogon account that has only positive feedback, And message me if you want to verify it is me: [url]https://app.audiogon.com/users/audio-world/feedbacks[/url]

This is his account: [url]https://app.audiogon.com/users/byan34/feedbacks[/url]

You can also ask Audiogon support about this case!

Everyone who can-You must contact him until he realizes that keeping my device and the money does not worth it. That is the only way. He just blocked me, But if a rain of people will come at him, He may surrender.

You are my ONLY hope!
Thank you everyone for listening!
I didn't sleep all month. Please help me get my health and wealth back.

Thanks again.