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Thread: PayPal admitted to accounts being hacked all the time

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    Angry PayPal admitted to accounts being hacked all the time

    PayPal truly lacks good security for your personnel information. My PayPal was hacked, the people who hacked my account were able to change my name, language to Chinese and we're able to transfer 1k out of my personnel checking account. I cannot believe PayPal does not have a way to alert you that these changes are taking place!! After three days my account was credited. The person I spoke to at Pay Pal was very nice, but informed me that it happens all the time? REALLY!!! well PayPal is should NOT!! 1k may be a small amount to the CEO of PayPal, but it was all my monies for the month!! I am so mad that it is treated as " oh well, we will make it right, it happens more then you think" attitude.

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    PayPal accounts are the most vulnerable and easy to hijack. We always recommend to never attach any of your personal information, whether it be bank, credit card or any personal information. Instead, use a forwarding address, virtual card and either a virtual bank or no bank at all. To many stories of accounts being drained in the negative and the owner being held liable for the outcome.

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    Default My account was hacked and evidence left

    When purchasing from some sites and logging into PayPal you have to choose your delivery address. Sometime back when I trawled through my addresses that I had entered I saw three addresses I did not recognise. These were three strange people in my account with addresses in London. I then realised that they had tried to pay for something through my PayPal account and got as far as leaving a delivery address then could not progress any further because of PayPalís security - so that bit was good - but the bad bit has been me trying to get PayPal to remove these three aliens from my account list. The more I have tried the more impossible it seems to be. PayPal have to do it so why won't they. When I first reported this they said they would inform the police - did they? I expect they have just ignored it but I feel insulted when I see these foreign sounding names in East London on my account - they have intruded into my life!


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