So... I never watned to use paypal again.
but one guy bought something from me, so i made a new acc with new email etc.

info in there is not real and he sent me 50 which i spent. now i was on vacation for like 2 weeks come back checked in there and saw he opend a dipsute and i had no more chance to answer. -50 balance now.

Whats gonna happen now? Is paypal gonna find me just because of my IP? And what if i got hacked? etc. etc. i also posted it on 4chan and let some ppl login - could that work? Because no way in hell im gonna let myself get scammed like that. he even WROTE IN THE MONEY SEND WINDOW that it was for a accoutn so paypal wtf.

So ;:

never had real info in there
deleted the mail acc
bunch of ppl logged into there

what can happen?