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Thread: I can't believe Ebay Allowed this. Do I really have NO recourse?

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    Thumbs down I can't believe Ebay Allowed this. Do I really have NO recourse?

    We Sell Mostly Fine Jewelry on eBay. These are clearance items from our store. This carries a lot of risk and I trusted eBay

    I Did my best to be an honest seller and always be as descriptive as possible. Since most of our items were new, this wasn't to difficult. I sold a Fold out Sterling Locket.... and what proceeded after that has become an out of control Situation as i have ever been exposed to.

    First, I have personally had an account on ebay since 1999. I have been handling the stores account for almost 3 years and have taken it from a piddely trickle and under 300 feedback to over 1500 positive feedback and a 30 thousand gross annually.

    So a bid was placed on my item early in the week. This particularly item sold on a Sunday. Justtimetogo won my item but didn’t pay for 5 ot 6 days. An un-paid item case went into effect (automatic on our account) and we were paid on the morning of day 6. I prepared the package and sent it out the same day. By Monday or Tuesday of the next week I was hearing from the buyer (Took days to pay minutes to complain?) saying the locket was not functional. There was a treat in this communication, but I blew it off (first mistake) and said that The lockets was perfectly functional when shipped out BUT if she would ship it back to me I would refund the Full amount. It was unknown to her that I had showed the item to 3 other people before packing and shipping it in a box in a padded envelope. Item came with free shipping.
    The buyer sent me a message demanding I pay her return shipping telling me how disappointed she and her mother was and how they have been saving for this locket since 1997???? (it was 2015 so I can only assume that they have been saving pennies they found in parking lots to gain the 69.95.) I informed her that since I was taking a return on a none returnable item that would only cost her $2.00 to ship back to me since I was going ot be on the hook for the money shipping to her, ebay fees, and no longer being able to sell the item as New since she has taken position of it.

    This is about where all you know what broke loose. She accused me of hating and taking advantage of old people. She called me names. She threatened me in that correspondence (and every other after that). I Immediately reported her to ebay and explained that since she was so rude me I was no longer interested in assisting her. EBay did nothing. After a day or two she filed a case on me, saying the item was defective. I explained to both ebay and her it was not, and that this was scam to get her money back, that I had witnesses to the items proper functionally. At this point she called the store (I was not there atm) and screamed, cursed and threatened my co-worker. Again, I called eBay to report, and again, they did nothing. I escalated the case only to have her upload pictures, which I was SURE proved the item functioned properly (she said it wouldn’t’ close and clearly in the picture the item stayed closed). Ebay sided with her! She sent the item back and when I got it in my hand I wasn’t surprised ot find out that the ITEM FUNCTIONED PREFECTLY! I appealed, and within seconds they said NO. I offered to mail them the item to prove it wasn’t dysfunctional and they said NO. When Ebay said they couldn’t prove the item functioned properly, I asked them how I could PROVE to ebay tha tit did. Tha ti would incur any cost to let them know that I was telling the truth. They said NO. I requested a manager to call me back and begged her to not let this Liar leave negative Feedback and ebay to put a Item’s has Defect against my account. That she is still attacking me and what they were doing was unethical. They said that since I was an eBay Seller, I represented eBay and had to “Keep My & Their Customers happy”. I asked if they were kidding and how could they allow such an obvious lie go unchecked …They had PICTURES of the items functioning properly for crying out loud.

    That’s where it stands. I have lost all motivation to sell on ebay to liers and any hostile people. I pay ebay Thousands of dollars a year to effectively do NOTHING to protect me as a seller. The thought of listing another item makes me sick to my stomach. This has made my job with the store obsolete.

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    That is so annoying! It seems that as a buyer you can act anyway you want, and the seller is always considered the one in the wrong, totally unfair!!

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