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Thread: paypal lost my money

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    Default paypal lost my money

    I withdraw $253.02 USD /$1,910.98 HKD into my HK account, on April 29, 2015 18:26:24 GMT+08:00. Up till now PayPal hasn't given any explanations and doesn't even contact me proactively on the progress. It is unbelievable that its's taking nearly a month to do such and PayPal doesn't even know where my money is right now. They called me on 15 May after I sent in a letter on 14th, I waited till 21st May before I write to them again. Both responses are bullshits and to cut it short, PayPal admit that they have no idea where my money is but it's none of their business since my bank ain't answering them and PayPal won't make any promises.
    I do want my money back plus compensations

    I am planning on writing to the medias too, any suggestion??

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    You will be lucky to even get some of your money back, paypal has a way of making money disappear. Contact your local media, tv, news papers etc to see if they are interested in your story. This happens to people everyday and it needs to stop. Paypal needs to be stopped.


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