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Thread: Generic unhelpful emails are all Paypal has to offer

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    Default Generic unhelpful emails are all Paypal has to offer

    I purchased a bag worth 500 online. The seller sent me a wrong bag and I filed a claim with paypal which was ruled in my favour. They asked me to return the bag to the seller to claim my refund and they sent me the seller's address to ship the bag to in writing. I sent back the bag via DHL and uploaded the tracking number on paypal. Now DHL tells me there is no such person or address where they can deliver the package to in Turkey. The packet will be abandoned and destroyed if the consignee is Unreachable for more than 24 hours. I have made repeated phone calls and emailed a faxed paypal about this asking them to suggest what I should do. They refuse to reply. Keeps responding with generic unhelpful emails and I have paid over 150 dollars as shipping charge to DHL from my pocket. Now I am left without a refund as well as the bag !!

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    you should be able to prove with your tracking information that you sent it back to the verified paypal address, if that address doesn't exist then that is paypals fault but trying to get them to admin that will be hard.


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