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Thread: Can't use credit card even when not logging in to PayPal.

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    Default Can't use credit card even when not logging in to PayPal.

    Greetings. My account with PayPal was limited long ago. I can deal with that, I don't care about having an account to receive money on. Instead whenever I had to pay for things through PayPal, be it eBay or Discogs or whatever, I clicked pay with card and everything went fine. Not anymore. Now no matter what card I use I get the same error message saying that card can not be used. I've got a new card from my bank with a different number, same issue. Used girlfriends, same issue. Tried using a virtual Visa card, same issue. I've even put different email addresses in there. The only thing I can think is that my shipping address has been banned and therefore I can never make a purchase that ships to me again. Is this something that happens?

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    is this when you try to use the guest checkout for Paypal? Or for all online payments?
    Have you tried a different computer (IP address) or using a proxy? YOu may be right about the shipping address. But I do think it could have to do with your IP address as well.


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