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Thread: Chargeback on my closed PayPal account, what's now?

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    Arrow Chargeback on my closed PayPal account, what's now?

    I've got an e-mail about chargeback (46 - digital download stuff, the proof is impossible...) yesterday, but my account is closed. So I cannot to log in to check it and pay back.( BTW I dunno I want it or I don't...)

    I had business account before and PP has got a copy of my passport and they also got my landline (that is on my girlfriend's name) and my mobile phone numbers. My debit card is getting expired in the next few days and I'm going to the other rent house in the next weeks anyway. I still have got an ebay account, but I have to wait for closing because an unpaid open case. I'm gonna close it after that as well...

    - What may I do know? Should I be afraid because debt collectors etc?

    - Can this amount - 46 - be interest? When it expires in debt? Can I get loan in the future? (who knows maybe I need it...)

    - What can they do if I use my own language on the phone and I don't speak english to them? (either in person too)

    Any good advice, experience would be great for me. Thanks!

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    Talking Limited PP account.

    My PP account is limited now and I still cannot to log in.

    Can I keep my ebay account and to turn another paypal account or any alternative service?
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