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Thread: Helcim Payments gateway canada

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    Default Helcim Payments gateway canada

    Is anyone using Helcim payments gateway canada for their online cart or Ebay?
    From what I'm reading the only way to get to use a real merchant account on ebay it to use the payment gateway. I asked the sales rep point blank if I would get seperate API keys for and all I was told was "I think so"

    Also can I even use a merchant account to sell on or does it only work for the theres no place on the sellers managers page to input the payment gateway info.

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    I got my merchant account that I use for eBay and that includes the payment gateway which is ebay approved. It was cheaper going through the merchant account provider then going directly with I use merchantinc but I am sure there are a ton of them out there that offer the same thing now. This is for my US account, not sure what the rules are about canadian accounts.


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