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Thread: Use Someone Elses Email With Paypal

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    Default Use Someone Elses Email With Paypal

    There is a massive security flaw with Paypal (and privacy issue).

    You can add any email you like to your Paypal account - no checks are made apart from the single one that is whether that email address is already in use somewhere within the tower of pain and monopolism that is Paypal.

    So for example if the head of MI5 does not have a Paypal ccount you could add his/her email address to your account - no problem eh Paypal. Paypal do not ask you to confirm your email addresses.

    Of course the other side to this is that the head of MI5 can not now open a Paypal account with his/her own email.

    Sounds mad? It is!

    Inform Paypal? They will do nothing. Why dont they get you to verify any email before it can be used? Simples - not for Paypal

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    I had to verify my email address signing up for this forum to be able to post but you are right I don't remember having to verify my email address when I signed up for PayPal. I have a separate email address I only use for my paypal account and paypal/ebay correspondence which I created just for that purpose so if someone tries to sign up and it says their email address is all ready in use you can always just create a new email address. But I guess there would be issues with the 2 email addresses on the same IP somehow paypal can spot things like that but not things that makes sense.


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