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Thread: Chinese sellers and Paypal

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    Default Chinese sellers and Paypal

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I'm getting pretty desperate here.

    I bought a piece of electronics from a Chinese company because after some research they had a lot of fans and a pretty good reputation.

    So I spend $800 with an echeck and it shows up defective.

    I file a claim with Paypal and it's all approved to send back: UPS quote $300.

    Now I have yet to see if the company will agree to a shipping label or to allow me to ship it to one of their US locations (I have learned from other buyers that most returns have gone to a location in the US)
    I somehow doubt they'll bend on either.

    So is there anything I can do? The bank says they can do what I assume is a reversal but they said it doesn't always work out. I mean, I want to get my money back, but if I have to take a hit I'd rather it be $300 and not $1100 because I did something stupid with the bank.

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    You will have to pay for return shipping. Be VERY careful as to what address you return this item, I would recommend that you ONLY ship it back to their verified PayPal address to have any hope of a refund. Any other address and they can just claim they never received it.
    Not sure how you would go about disputing an echeck payment but your bank can help you with that.


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