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Thread: Chargeback a Chargeback?

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    Default Chargeback a Chargeback?

    so i had a fraudulent chargeback from a buyer on paypal.

    we met in person, he claims he never got it...yadda yadda yadda....

    anyways, paypal slapped me with a negative balance... so... i decided to buy something else from a person using paypal credit card payment and append the negative balance to the purchase price of the item i bought.


    has anyone used a chargeback on a negative balance on paypal?

    checked the cc statement and it shows just 1 charge from paypal.

    i will fund the person that i bought something with another form of payment... don't worry, i know how it feels to have this done to me, but i just want to screw over paypal.

    anyone tried this?

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    Kind of sounds like you want to do something similar to this I believe: [url=]A Hacked Method To Scam PayPal Out Of Money? Is This Real?[/url]

    The thing with Paypal is, their policy states buyers are not covered under buyer protection. That only applies on eBay transactions.

    PayPal Purchase Protection only applies to PayPal payments for certain tangible, physical goods. Payments for the following are not eligible for reimbursement under PayPal Purchase Protection:

    Intangible items, including Digital Goods
    Real estate, including residential property
    Vehicles, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, aircraft and boats
    Custom made items


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