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Thread: Why do they get to keep half of my money??

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    Default Why do they get to keep half of my money??

    I've been a member of Pay Pal for over 25 years (probably more) without an issue, but I paid for our daughter's wedding bouquet from someone on Etsy in November (7th), 71.00, the woman was pregnant with a difficult preg. and wasn't going to do the bouquets she was contracted to do until after the birth (mid-January) and then she would send them out.

    She claimed to send our daughter's bridal bouquet on 3/6...we still have not received it. So I started calling her....the phone was disconnected. I emailed her...3 times since last week with no answer. I called a floral shop near where her address was...they hadn't heard of her. I contacted Etsy..they can't do anything as the shop is no longer there.

    So I contacted Paypay...and they'll only refund 1/2 of my money because it's past the 30 days.

    How could I know the woman wasn't going to send the bouquet, and that she wouldn't be doing it until March?? And how is it my fault she was going to have problems with a pregnancy etc etc, why should I be "fined" (because that's the way I feel) half of my money because of this????

    I just cannot believe they're keeping half of my money because I didn't file back in December; when I was waiting for the bouquet to be made. Really?

    Then the guy finishes with "have a nice day", I told him, "it's kind of hard to now".

    So furious with this end result from PayPal, I thought they cared about the customers, I guess I was wrong.

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    PayPal really doesn't care for their users and they put no value on long time users. I have never heard of the 30 day thing before. I was convinced it was 45 days. If you used a credit card to fund the purchase you can file a chargeback with your card company.


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