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Thread: Paypal lies that money been sent back to me.

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    Default Paypal lies that money been sent back to me.

    Paypal to me had to return the $ 1,000. He said that the money was 5 weeks ago transfer to my bank account. I did not get any money. Paypal company told me to look for my money in the bank, because they really sent the money to me. The bank told me to look for money unto Paypal. Bank requests that the company Paypal to me give the money transfer control number. But Paypal company refuses to give this number (probably not send money, if not give money transfer number). I have already sent more than 15 letters to the company Paypal, but Always get the same answer: Go find the money to your bank. My bank has searched 5 times the money, but found none. Do you know where I could challenge such Paypal behavior?

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    if you live in the UK try your financial ombudsman. Paypal is not going to give you anything but an automated email reply and calling them will just be a waste of time and money. At least in the US we can call them for free and just waste our time.


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