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Thread: Scared paypal will bill the shit outta me

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    Default Scared paypal will bill the shit outta me

    Ok, so I sold a few digital items on eBay. I guess someone hacked someone's eBay and they disputed it so I filed our convo and how they left feedback,ect...So, me being the worrywart I am..hearing all these horror story from here..I call my card and put a stop to ANY kind of withdrawal paypal may make. BUT the thing is I got a refund coming in from a paypal item I just sent back and I get paid a lot in paypal for my online business. I was told by 2 separate employee's at my bank that I will still get incoming deposit's. But if they try to take a dime they will be blocked....Is this true? Has anyone done this before? Hopefully these issues get resolved so I can take the block off...But they called it a stop payment where if paypal is requesting money from my bank account it will be blocked....They didn't say anything about my debt card I have linked, which I'm sure I could easily get it overturned if something were to happen..But is this true? Will I still be able to receive deposit's despite them not being able to take any money outta my account?

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    as long as paypal has your bank info ( and they still have it after you delete it with them) they can credit and debit your bank account. They ONLY safe way to keep PayPal from taking money from you is to close the bank account but obviously you will not able to receive any deposits then. You can ask that they mail you a check for any funds in your paypal account and close the bank account to avoid debits


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