I have been an eBay/PayPal user for years and never had a problem before. Until I started selling items. Specifically one item. A pair of used headphones. I sold the item on eBay. The headphones were as described on the listing. Perfect working condition. One minor flaw that was in the pictures and description. A day after the buyer received the headphones, he e-mails me stating the ear-cups kept falling off and that the headphones were defective. Which is a lie. To make it short PayPal decided the buyer should get a full refund without question. The buyer shipped the headphones back and PayPal refunded the money asap without me verifying if the item was the same as when I shipped. When I checked the headphones I could see that they had been dissected. ( open up and the headphones were not put back the right way ) They have scratches from the screwdriver, they are filthy, sticky, and extra oily. I can not resell item now after it was messed with. PayPal won't even take a look at my evidence. I have pictures from the auction and pictures of how they were trashed. They are acting only on false claims by the buyer. Buyer has no proof and I do. I'm out of my money and now I don't even have my headphones to resell.