Hi everyone,

So back in November I sold an Alienware to a guy in Thailand. Charged him $2400. He paid, I shipped it out, no problem.

He then contacts me and says it got damaged in shipping. So I did the following:

1. Refunded him $100 for a damaged part that could not be replaced.

2. Told him all the warranty info to get the rest fixed.

3. Filed a claim with USPS for insurance

He said that was all good, then filed a case against me in PayPal.

Long story short, I won and eBay decided I didn't have to refund him.
So I thoight I was done with this.

Fast forward to January. PayPal contacts me and says there is a chargeback for the item. They immediately, before any decision is made take the $2400 from my account and make it -$2200, I had $200 in there.

PayPal then finally tells me the decision was made in the buyers favor a week or 2 later.

They start to call and harass me saying I need to pay them. I tell them I will gladly pay, once I get my laptop back. They seemed surprised that I didn't get it back. So I emailed the guy telling him I need to get the computer back. He tells me he'll send it when he gets the money back from his credit card company. Sounds reasonable. I wait another week and contact him again, by this time I get a letter from USPS a saying I can get the Insurance money. They just require the receiver of the package to mail them a letter saying he's fine with them giving me the money (I wasn't going to let it get sent to him, because I feel he scammed me). I tell him this and he hasn't responded to me to this date. This was back in late January.

I just today got a letter from IC system collections. Stating I need to pay PayPal the $2200. It also says I can request proof of debt.

I am honestly unsure of what to do. I feel I should obviously mail them asking to validate it, but I am worried about the results, I really don't want a hit towards my credit.

From other posts I've read it sounds like once I ask them to validate it, I'm in the clear, but I would like some help.

It would be greatly appreciated.