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Thread: What If I Just Want An eBay Buying Account, And No Paypal - Fewer Steps Required?

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    Default What If I Just Want An eBay Buying Account, And No Paypal - Fewer Steps Required?

    Hello! So everything I seem to find is all about getting a new SELLERS account, which I know from past experience requires far more hoops. I am going to lay out the full saga here in case any of the details matter. I have decided I will NEVER sell on eBay again no matter how tempting, because buying on there is too valuable, and as a buyer it's practically impossible to get booted off if you pay for items you buy. I will also not create a Paypal ACCOUNT. I have paid for many items through Paypal over the years with just my CC, with no issues the last several years. So I should be fine to buy using alternatives, OR sending one time payment through Paypal without an account.

    So question 1: What info will eBay ask of me for a simple buyers account? I don't mean right off the bat, but what is THE MOST they might ever ask. They don't require SSN initially, but if I am buying high ticker items like $3,000-$4,000 auctions, will they require it at some point? This will let me know how much info I might want to shuffle about and how I will choose to set it up. I also have the ability to setup as a Business account with a legitimate EIN number depending on the answers to some of the questions.

    So here's the Saga.

    10+ through about 9 years ago I had an account in my name, which was a serious high volume sellers account in partnership with my father, but only in my name. It got suspended and eBay and Paypal were killed for good, with some nastiness in the whole thing. Many orders were never shipped (because they held all the money) and were refunded etc. So this account would look pretty bad from their perspective.

    9ish years ago I signed up an account in my dads name and it got killed pretty quickly because I didn't know the good "tricks" to use in setting up a new account. But it wasn't killed in such a "bad" standing. All orders were shipped, feedback was good. I believe his eBay account was ultimately reinstated as a buyers account after a long time, but it was never actually used again. Paypal was dead for good, but they ultimately gave back the balance they held. So this wouldn't look toooo bad in their eyes I imagine.

    I had a roommate I was really tight with at the time so from 9ish years ago to maybe 7-8ish years ago I used an account in his name. This "switch" was done properly and was never connected to my other accounts at all because ALL info was different. Name, address, phone, SSN, computer, IP etc. However after a couple years, when the volume was too high on his Paypal account, PAYPAL ONLY put a hold on funds. He was still good with eBay. There were no cancelled or unshipped orders, but they decided his credit wasn't good enough for the amount of sales and decided he couldn't use Paypal. They eventually released funds and all was well. As I said eBay NEVER suspended or had any issues. Although unused for eons, his eBay account is still technically active and in good standing.

    So enter NOW. I know my name is toast. But my father and I are doing another business where BUYING ONLY on eBay would be a Godsend. So here are the facts:

    I'm still at the same address as my roommate's account.
    Phone numbers are still the same.
    My father's SSN has obviously not changed.

    So I'm thinking if I can start an account with:
    New email.
    IP never used anywhere.
    Computer that was only ever used on roommates account.
    The real address, which was only ever used on my roommates account.
    The same land line phone number that was used only on my roommates account.
    My father's name, but a slight variation just to make it extra confusing for them. He has a name that is commonly shortened or lengthened (Think Bob or Robbie for Robert type name)

    I'm thinking since I will NOT be signing up Paypal ever, that since my father only really had issues with Paypal, and since all the other info was only ever associated with my Roommate who still has an active and OK eBay account, that this should all be fine? Especially with Paypal being spun off by eBay, I don't see where a minor Paypal issue a long time ago is going to hurt an eBay account that could only be linked to accounts in good standing.

    The only thing I'm worried about is if they eventually ask for his SSN that even after nearly a decade that will somehow shit can things because MY original account was so crappy after the nightmare they put me through, and his was linked to that at the time. But I don't even know if that ever becomes a requirement for a buying only account.

    As mentioned above, we also have a legitimate business with an EIN. If I setup a buying only account as a business, would they not ask for a SSN and only require the EIN?

    Sorry this is a bit long and detailed, but I REALLY want to get this right. Just being able to buy on eBay could make us hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of time. Thank you in advance for any help/info/advice anyone can provide!

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    you never know what information they may ask for or when. I have friends who were limited 10 years after having an account pending some kind of verification including address (utility bills), SSn , home phone etc so there really is no telling. I would think there is less of these inquiries for buyer buy buyers are not excluded from being asked this information. Seems to me like this would be a bit risky for you and your dad.

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    Even though the account would be for just buying, there is still potential for it to be limited. You can send money from your credit card or bank account to pay for the item. PayPal out of nowhere can reverse the transaction back into your Paypal balance and not to your bank or card. If you cannot get the limitation lifted, you will be stuck waiting 45 days or 180 days to get that money.


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