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Thread: PayPal blocked a refund I tried to issue

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    Default PayPal blocked a refund I tried to issue

    I advertised a printer as not working for parts or repair,as a cash on collection for only£10,I had a winning bid from a guy in Poland, who paid for the printer and shipping of £80. He then filed a claim of not as described saying it was the wrong model.I agreed to its return, but Paypal blocked the refund, because the bal was zero (after seizing the £90) the buyer was refunded,I never received the printer back and to cap it all Paypal took the account into neg bal because they did not refund the fee.

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    I had a buyer file a claim against me before contacting me first,I would have been happy to refund had I known. Once the claim was filed I agreed to issuing the refund upon receiving the item back (this was just a small engine part for boat motor) He posted the tracking number that it was being shipped back so I issued him the refund. Then Paypal issued him a second refund and to top it off the package I received back wasn't even what he had bought for me, it was just a junk piece of metal. Never got paypal to give me back the refund they issued my mistake after I had refunded him (only $40 but still) and he kept the part.

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    there are a million and one ways to get cheated when you are a seller and paypal always sides with the buyer at least 99% of the time. There is no way to avoid it, there is no way to fight it just bend over and take it if you plan on keep using paypal.

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    Buyers tend to file disputes without contacting you first. Almost always, Paypal tends to side with buyer. If there is a way for you to provide proof like a lawyer, the you might have a case.


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