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Thread: Money order merchants online who accept paypal ?

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    Default Money order merchants online who accept paypal ?

    Anyone know of any reputable websites where I can buy money orders for myself using a paypal account . I have 1000 in my paypal at the minute but when I try to withdraw a penny of it they will limit my account , I know this from past and recent experience as I can no longer use my real name so have been using a fake id and address a number of times with paypal . I could try it and wait it out for 180 days but things have reached a point now where 6
    months without money I've earned has left me having to start using credit cards for the first time in my life to get by . If there are any websites where I can use the funds in my currently unlimited paypal account to buy money orders or some alternate form of money instead this would be very handy in my present situation , anyone already doing this or have any ideas ?

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    I don't think that is something you can do. For instance Western Union does not accept Paypal. Think about it; you buy a money order, person who gets it cashes it. You tell paypal it was a unauthorized transaction and now paypal has no way of recovering those funds to give you your money back. Maybe try to buy gift cards with your paypal account and spend the money that way.


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