Recently I lost my job. I was looking through the employment ads in my area on craigslist. I came across an ad saying "expanding business needs 15 ebay sellers" to move our products. I responded and started listing electronic items (xboxs) for which I was to take a percentage of the sale. I did so and sent the person their share of the sale. The fraudster was to send the product to the sellers which they never did. I lost 650.00. Paypal said it was a fictitious account which the fraudster (Hollis Wilters) created under a fictitious name and there was no way to trace it. Are you kidding? When I set up my paypal account I had to provide card info..etc. How can they allow someone to do this? They have been NO help at all. when first contacted they said they would investigate... I follow up a few weeks later and none of ther reps know anything ..they send me form letters that do nit apply to my situation. I am at my wits end..they are no help at all. I'm not sure what to do.