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Thread: please help..not sure what to do

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    Default please help..not sure what to do

    Recently I lost my job. I was looking through the employment ads in my area on craigslist. I came across an ad saying "expanding business needs 15 ebay sellers" to move our products. I responded and started listing electronic items (xboxs) for which I was to take a percentage of the sale. I did so and sent the person their share of the sale. The fraudster was to send the product to the sellers which they never did. I lost 650.00. Paypal said it was a fictitious account which the fraudster (Hollis Wilters) created under a fictitious name and there was no way to trace it. Are you kidding? When I set up my paypal account I had to provide card info..etc. How can they allow someone to do this? They have been NO help at all. when first contacted they said they would investigate... I follow up a few weeks later and none of ther reps know anything ..they send me form letters that do nit apply to my situation. I am at my wits end..they are no help at all. I'm not sure what to do.

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    unfortunately there isn't much you can do unless you can track down the guy who was supposed to ship the xboxes. As far as Paypal is concerned you accepted the payments, you provide the goods. This is a scam that has been around for years.

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    In certain situations where you work with someone in a joint venture, you absolutely need to trust that person. In this case, this has been a scam going on for awhile and still does till this day. You are out of the $650 and will need to bring the balance into a positive if your account isn't negative already. Since you have a bank and card attached to the account, Paypal can grab it from there without consent.


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