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Thread: verified account then shutdown

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    Default verified account then shutdown

    I had 2 ebay accounts. I opened up 3rd account and linked it to my business partner's ebay account for validation as we are doing partnership business. Just 5 minutes after the account opened, they have restricted my account indefinitely and asked for identity verification. Since I am genuine person, I called ebay without any hesitation. They verified my all info and put me on hold for 15 minutes. Then the gentleman was saying they are suspending my account for indefinitely as I am the threat for the ebay buyers. I asked the reason why they are taking this decision. He just repeated that answer. I deserve clear explanation why they have done this to me. eBay is just nothing but a bull head arrogant who are making money with their greedy 10% selling fees.

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    instead of paying ebay 10% take that money that yo are now saving and get your own website instead. In the long run you will save money and aggravation.

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    Agree on the website part. If you can drive traffic from eBay or at least get them on an email list by offering them an incentive. Then you can avoid the fees of eBay at least.


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