hey everyone. would appreciate some advice on this one as its hard to find out what ones options are and paypal help isnt always very helpful.

so will keep this brief to start with, if any more information is needed let me know.

-made a deal with a small business manufacturer to buy some products from Australia that i would sell in the uk through a webstore. Time for him to build me what i wanted and price was discussed and agreed. items were made for me but were standard items that he himself sells on his website so not in my eyes a custom order.
- deposit paid to secure items being built
- balance paid in november when i was told the pedals were almost ready to ship.
- lots of stalling and excuses on sellers end and lack of communication.
- January comes and ive had enough and open a paypal case against the seller at the beginning of the month.
- also asked the buyer for a refund at this point, but the seller refused and did not seem to care that by now the wait time was beyond reasonable.
- seller deadline was set at the 24th of january. I took this as the date the date paypal were giving to ship the items. but the seller stalled, said he had booked shipping but didnt have any tracking details and the case continued on.
- tuesday this week the seller emails me with tracking information. i presume at this point paypal will keep the case open now till i recieve the item.
- yesterday paypal email me with the case number for the final amount saying i have won and a refund for my money.
- i then get an email this morning saying

"Our records show that you received a refund on January 28, 2015, in the amount of $**** AUD.

Additionally, your seller provided tracking information to verify shipment of merchandise to you:

Tracking Number: ******
Shipping Company: ******
Item: IN transit as of Jan 30th

When you have receive the merchandise for which you have paid, we request that you return the refund you received by sending a payment to the seller from the Send Money tab of your PayPal account."

- then ring up paypal servive to ask what the deal is with this. and i am told that this is only a "request" for me to send the money of the items turn up, i only have to do this if i choose to. they also told me that now the case was closed the appeal was between paypal and the seller and my refund was safe no matter what.
- wanting to get this in writing rather than go off the help line i emailed the email address on the help part of their website and got this auto reply " Since every dispute is unique and we often need to ask you questions to understand the details of your case, we usually prefer to answer these types of queries by phone." not very helpful.
- i then get an email today saying that the case for the deposit had been closed not in my favour because i have reached a resolution with the seller - I havent spoken to them
- then get a follow up email moments later saying that i had been refunded the deposit amount that they just told me I had lost the claim on.

The money from the first refund is in my account now.
The second refund is their but i cant see the transaction in my transactions list.

what is my next move?
I'd rather not have the items now as what i wanted was a refund after all the hassle. if i accept the delivery will paypal take the money out of my account?
can i just not accept the parcel which will have a customs charge? i dont really see why i should pay customs on a parcel i have been refunded for as I dont think its now technically mine?

any advise would be gratefully received.
thank you